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Our award-winning team is made up of the world’s most influential scientists and researchers. Their collective vision and expertise drives the whole company on a journey of relentless exploration, transforming theoretical ideas into real world solutions for a profound global impact.

Science Leadership Team

Our research team is comprised of industry pioneers who have contributed some of the most profound research in areas of neural rendering, human face digitization, video segmentation and applied machine learning.

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Prestigious collaborations

Flawless has also successfully developed an international collaborative network with a host of world class institutions including the Max Planck Institute, Brown University, Imperial College London, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University British Columbia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

These partnerships allow Flawless to harness the brilliance of these esteemed academic establishments and tap into their vast intellectual resources.


Our AI Research Articles

A collection of
Flawless AI Research

Delve deeper into our research surrounding the use of generative AI in film making.

SIGGRAPH24 - HQ3DAvatar High-quality Implicit 3D Head Avatar

SIGGRAPH24 - HQ3DAvatar: High-quality Implicit 3D Head Avatar

[Kartik Teotia, Mallikarjun B R, Xingang Pan, Hyeongwoo Kim, Pablo Garrido, Mohamed Elgharib, Christian Theobalt]


CVPR24 - FaceLift: Semi-supervised 3D Facial Landmark Localization

[David Ferman, Pablo Garrido, Gaurav Bharaj]


ICCV23 - RANA: Relightable Articulated Neural Avatars

[Umar Iqbal, Akin Caliskan, Koki Nagano, Sameh Khamis, Pavlo Molchanov, Jan Kautz]

Few shot geometry

CVPR23 - Few-Shot Geometry-Aware Keypoint Localization

[Xingzhe He, Gaurav Bharaj, David Ferman, Helge Rhodin, Pablo Garrido]

Unspervised facial performance

ICCV23 - Unsupervised Facial Performance Editing via Vector-Quantized StyleGAN Representations

[Berkay Kicanaoglu, Pablo Garrido, Gaurav Bharaj]


CVPR23 - Implicit Neural Head Synthesis Via Controllable Local Deformation Fields

[Chuhan Chen, Matthew O’Toole, Gaurav Bharaj, Pablo Garrido]


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