Nick Lynes

Co-CEO & Founder

My background in e-gaming took me all over the world and provided me with many incredible experiences. Flawless however, is turning out to be something that surpasses all of those.

I’m a lifelong film fan and at heart I feel like more of a creative than a “business leader”. I met Scott through a personal creative journey and that led to the formation of Flawless. Scott had already produced the first visual translation demo and when he showed me I realised that GenAI represented a fundamental augmentation for the global creative industries.

I like risky, exciting and almost impossible projects. I don’t tend to consider ‘what if it doesn’t work?’, If I did I’d never have had these amazing experiences that I am so lucky to have had and sometimes you just need to commit to success.

The AI based tools we have developed, whether its TrueSync, producing perfectly lip-synced films or DeepEditor, helping filmmakers create without compromise, are changing how we express our individual creativity.

But we are working in a challenging field – both technically and ethically. AI can’t assess itself critically and iterate towards a better, more creative or productive output. However, humans using AI can and they must. In reality, we’re going to need more creators not less and their value is going to skyrocket.

So if you like a challenge, step on board!