The Age of AI and Artists – Consent, credit & compensation

Introducing A.R.T.

What is A.R.T.?

For more than three years, our team of generative AI experts and filmmakers at Flawless have been building an internal rights management solution for generative AI, to ensure we protect the artists and rightsholders who use, and help us build, our creative tools.

We call this platform the Artistic Rights Treasury (A.R.T.). As of today, we’d like to open it up to other products and services, from stakeholders across the creative industries.

We believe that an industry-wide solution is the best way to unlock the potential of AI for professional users, individuals and companies. By making A.R.T. available to third parties we hope to realise that potential.


Rights-enabled AI workflows

A.R.T. provides a way to capture, honour and manage the consent needed to use AI tools in existing workflows.

For example, when adjusting dialogue in post production, AI tools offer a cost effective, flexible way to deliver on creative intents while maintaining original performances without demanding full scale reshoots. To do this however likely requires a specific agreement up front or at the time this virtual reshoot takes place. Handling this transparently creates the fairness and protection needed by both individual and corporate creators and rights holders.

Whether using industry level agreements, or negotiated terms, consent for AI tools needs to be tracked and associated with the relevant content to ensure those terms can be carried out. This is what A.R.T. delivers.


A.R.T. handles rights management for inputs going in, and creations coming out, of AI tools

This provides assurance on provenance, enables safe commercial usage, and facilitates related compensation and accreditation flows for both input data and output content.

Built for industry and intended for partnership, A.R.T. sits alongside our editing tools as an additional platform for managing rights in a succinct and comprehensive way.